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Helpful Music Links

Local High School Program Sites


Pride of Baker Band

Murphy High School Band

MGM High School Band

Mcgill-Toolen High School Band


Fingering Charts






French Horn


Baritone BC



Fundamental Videos for Each Instrument (tips on tuning, tone, etc..)








Tuba and Euphonium





ABA All State Music Info

Recordings of All-state Music

​Theory Training –

To begin your journey into the realm of music, select a Lessons, to explore the fundamentals of music in animated lessons; Exercises, to create custom exercises to improve your musical recognition; or Tools, to use interactive tools to calculate notes, intervals, and chords in a specific key.

Musical Terms-

​Ear Trainer –
The Online, Free Ear Training on the Net. For a musician ear training is one of the most important tasks. Good Ear helps you to develop good ears!

40 Essential Snare Drum Rudiments -
All 40 of The Percussive Arts Society's Essential Snare Drum Rudiments, along with videos of each rudiment being performed by Dr. John Wooton, audio play-along files, exercises that apply the rudiment to "real world" musical phrases and practice suggestions from the Vic Firth Education Team.

Metronome Online-

An online metronome ideal for quick and easy use while practicing music, this music tool helps with your rhythm as well as tempo selections and it is always available for free to all students of music at


Smartmusic -

​SmartMusic is award-winning interactive music software that provides the ideal practice environment. With a subscription to SmartMusic, students have unlimited access to the world’s largest accompaniment library for all ages and skill levels, which includes thousands of pieces of music.


Music Racer -
Music Racer is an interactive game that can help students learn music notes, fingerings, and music terms.  Time is recorded and students can compete with other students from around the world!


Flow Studies - HERE

Flow Studies are designed to help instrumentalists learn to effectively use their airflow to achieve smoothness and enhanced musicality. Flow Studies includes a suggested etude rotation schedule, so players may receive the maximum benefit.


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